The Science Behind The Cures


Stars of Cancer will be a cinematic documentary that not only covers questions we need answering about WHAT CANCER ACTUALLY IS, but one that will also bring much deserved recognition to the many dedicated international -behind the scenes- scientists based in the United Kingdom, highlighting the extraordinary break-through treatments they have developed, now available to cancer patients all around the world.

Despite such astonishing achievements by these humble heroes, it appears that millions of us know so little about WHO they are, WHERE they come from, and WHY they dedicate their lives to fighting this disease, that at some point touches the lives of everyone.

As one chief scientist, Dr. Oxana Polyakova, who heads a team in London, stated: “We also get cancer, so consider us as your army in fighting this disease.”

Producers Zlatina and Michael consider NOW is the right time to let the world know about these unsung personalities, and to shine a light on the insanely difficult work they do.
We feel privileged that these rather shy and hugely talented people are allowing us such close access to their world, for the very first time.   It really is SuperScience.


1. How much money is raised from Cancer Campaigns

5. Will cancer ever be eradicated

2. How many people are being treated worldwide

6. How many international scientists currently work in the UK

3. How many types of cancer there are

7. Why are drugs and medicines so expensive

4. Where does the Funding go

8. Are we turning the tide




Fear not we say, because scientific joy has been brought to millions of sufferers
all over the world, and it won’t stop there.


At last: we can explain where money raised for cancer research is actually spent.

If YOU or anyone you know is suffering from CANCER, then I say: watch this movie, because not only can it lift your spirits, but also allow you to share the absolute pride that we as producers feel as we head into production. Needless to say: we will make sure that film revenue profits go straight towards further research.

              Dr. Zlatina Filipova

I’ve worked on many films in my career and directed some wonderful actors like: Peter O’Toole, Edward Fox, Steven Berkoff, Sam Beckinsale, Brian Blessed...and the list goes on, but these scientists are the REAL superstars. They actually go about their business fixing broken humans as if it’s all perfectly normal. What greater stars are there?

              Michael Redwood


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